3D Printing

Step 1: Find a 3D Model

The easiest way to get started is to use a model that someone else has already made. Thingiverse has a wide variety of 3D models — all free for personal use. Try the search bar, or choose ExploreThings from the menu.

You can also create your own custom 3D model on Tinkercad, a free resource created by Autodesk. It is beginner-friendly and has lots of guidance and tutorials to teach you about how to use it.

Don't hesitate to contact us for help. We'd be glad to answer any questions you have. If you like, we can even set up a quick one-on-one appointment.

Step 2: Submit your request

Please note: by submitting a 3D print request, you are accepting the 3D printing agreement. Contact us with any questions about the agreement.

Send us an email at 3dprinting@christiancountylibrary.org to request your print. Please note that we have an 8-hour limit for print jobs. Here's what we'll need:

  • Your library card number
  • Your 3d file attached to the email (.obj or .stl format)
  • Where you'd like to pick up your completed item (Nixa, Ozark, or Clever Branch)
  • What color you would like (see photo for options)
  • Whether you'd rather be contacted by phone or email
  • Any other special requests you may have, such as multiple copies or high quality

Please note: In some cases, print jobs may fail. You won't be charged for a failed print, and we'll notify you if this happens. Because of this, we can't guarantee that every 3d print request will be fulfilled.

Send us an email

Step 3: Pay for your print

We'll process your request and contact you to tell you whether your job has been approved. If approved, we'll also tell you how much it will cost. Prints cost $1.00/hour of print time. (If you change your mind after we send you the price, there's no charge. If you have a specific budget, let us know and we can shrink your model down to the right size for that price.)

You can pay with cash or credit card at any library branch when you pick up your item.


Step 4: Pick up your item

We'll email or call you (whichever you specify) when your item is ready. Freshly printed items sometimes have small imperfections, such as bumps or "hairs" of extra filament, which can be smoothed out with sandpaper.

If you have any questions—or just want to share some pics of your creation—send us an email.

3D printer provided by the Clever Friends of the Library. Thank you!