What is Community Connect?

Community Connect is a grant-funded project to add reliable and secure internet access points all across Christian County. First, we are doubling our internet/WiFi speed and capabilities while expanding the WiFi's reach within the library's branches. Next, we are collaborating with community organizations within the county to provide needed wireless access in public spaces throughout the county.

Is this free?

Yes! Any community member may use the WiFi at any Christian County Library location or at a Community Partner location free of charge. These access points are reliable and secure allowing everyone to safely socially distance themselves while browsing the internet, completing schoolwork, conducting telehealth appointments, holding virtual meetings, and using the library's online services.

Where are these access points located?

Everywhere! Check out the interactive map to find the location nearest you.

I'm at one of the locations, what's the name of the WiFi network?

Look for the "Community Connect" network. Users will then be directed to an information and agreement page.

I'm having trouble connecting, what should I do?

If it's an issue with the WiFi device or network, email Please include the type of problem you're experiencing and the location.

Community Partner Locations

Billings City Library

251 NE US-60
Billings, MO 65610

Billings City Park

201-299 W Howard Ave
Billings, MO 65610

Gazebo in Courthouse Square

101-199 W Elm St
Ozark, MO 65721

We Are Looking for More Community Connect Partners

We are on the lookout for additional community partners to expand our free and secure WiFi network. New partners and contract renewals will be prioritized by the demonstrated need for the public service delivered or provided, public accessibility of the space, and geographic distribution such that the greatest possible coverage throughout the county is achieved. Interested businesses and organizations can send an email to for more information.

The Community Connect program was made possible thanks to the State of Missouri's CARES Act Coronavirus Relief Broadband Fund for Distance Learning and Telehealth in Libraries Grant.