Memories: Marilyn Prosser

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The Library Friends commissioned locally recognized watercolorist, Bill Armstrong, to provide a beautiful print of a winter scene of the Ozarks as a fund raiser. We sold the prints for $100 each/signed and numbered. I still have one. Would anyone else remember?

The addition of 3,000 sq. ft. to the building changed the front entry of the library from the west side to the south. It completely changed the inside. We shifted everything.

In the late 70’s-early 80’s, I worked on an oral history project. I went out into the county and interviewed several old timers about the memories ofschool days, the depression, and other stories from their past. The best one–I interviewed Herbert Rogerswhose father was County Clerk in Christian County when the Baldknobbers were hanged on the square. Mr. Rogers says on the tape, “I barely remember the day the Baldknobbers were hanged”. He was five years old at the time.

My best memories are of the staff, board members, and members of the community. Lucile Anderson, Dorothy Netzer, Anne Appleby, Ruth Davis, Freida Sweet, Wanda Maggard, Dorothy Stephens, Christine Jones, Diane Smith, George Espy, CliffordCollins, Howard Garrison, and many, many others.

One really crazy memory: I had just been hired, we had a brand new bookmobile, and I was asked, “OK, now how are we going to arrange the shelves to get the greatest number of books on it?” I truly had no idea. But we pulled it off. (Ruth probably had the best ideas) That bookmobile lasted a long time.

Wishing you the very best celebration.

Marilyn Prosser, Librarian 1974 – 1986