Christian County Library Branches

Ozark Branch

Location: 1005 N. 4th Ave., Ozark, MO 65721
Phone: (417) 581-2432
Fax: (417) 581-8855
Hours: Mon. – Sat. 10am – 6pm; Sun. closed
Catalog: CCL-Ozark on coolcat.org

Nixa Branch

Location: 208 N. McCroskey St., Nixa, MO 65714
Phone: (417) 724-6100
Fax: (417) 725-3734
Hours: Mon. – Sat. 10am – 6pm; Sun. closed
Catalog: CCL-Nixa on coolcat.org

Clever Branch

Location: 7450 W. Veterans Blvd., Clever, MO 65631
Phone: (417) 743-2277
Fax: (417) 583-2634
Hours: Mon. – Thurs. 10am – 6pm, Fri. 2pm – 6pm, Sat. 10am – 2pm, Sun. closed
Catalog: CCL-Clever on coolcat.org

Community Partner Pick-Up Locations

Billings City Library

Location: 251 NE US Highway 60, Billings, MO 65610
Phone: 417-233-1688
Hours: Mon 10a-12p, Tues 4p-7p, Wed 10a-12p, Thu 4p-7p, Sat 9a-12p
Catalog: CCL-Billings on coolcat.org

Highlandville Double E Burger and Ice Cream Shoppe

Location: 339 Kentling Ave., Highlandville, MO 65669
Hours: Mon. closed, Tues.-Thurs. 11a-7p, Fri.-Sat. 8a-7p, Sun. 8a-3p
Catalog: CCL-Highlandville on coolcat.org

Nixa X Center (Return Only; No Pick-Up)

Location: 701 N Taylor Way, Nixa, MO 65714
Hours: 24-hour outdoor book drop

The OC (Return Only; No Pick-Up)

Location: 1530 W Jackson St., Ozark, MO 65721
Phone: (417) 581-7002
Hours: 24-hour outdoor book drop

Sparta Town & Country

Location: 7270 E. Highway 14, Sparta, MO 65753
Phone: (417) 634-3105
Hours: Mon. – Sun. 7AM to 9PM

Catalog: CCL-Sparta on coolcat.org