A Library Card for Every Child in Christian County

What’s the most important school supply? A library card.

It’s a free pass to learning and exploration, with access to books, audiobooks, movies, WiFi hotspots, musical instruments, craft and yoga classes and so much more. Each year the Christian County Library collaborates with elementary, middle and high schools across the county to host a library card drive during National Library Card Sign-Up Month in September.

This time of year is when we want to remind parents, caregivers and students of the importance of a library card as one of the first steps toward academic achievement and lifelong learning.

The goal? A library card for every child in Christian County.

Throughout September, library card applications were delivered to area school teachers and librarians to be passed out to students that chose to participate. Applications were taken home and signed by a parent/guardian, brought back and then collected for processing. Having an accurate count of completed applications was an important part of the process because the schools with the highest percentage of students registered for cards were awarded money to purchase new library materials, sponsored by the Christian County Friends of the Library.

Out of the 28 that participated, which schools had the highest percentage of library card sign-ups for 2022? Inman Intermediate and Chadwick!

Inman Intermediate had the top percentage, at 14.75%, with Chadwick close on their heels, at 13.43%.

“Having free access to books and other wonderful resources at their disposal is a gift,” D’anne Schnakenberg, librarian at Inman Intermediate said while accepting the giant check. Images of Inman and Chadwick schools receiving an award check

Become a lifelong learner.

Public libraries provide educational resources and services for people of all ages. From free access to STEAM programs/activities, educational apps and technology classes to the expertise of staff members that care, a library card is one of the most cost-effective ways to become a lifelong learner.

If you live, own property or attend school in Christian County, you’re eligible for a free Christian County library card so stop by any community branch today to discover something new!