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Due to the nature of the Internet, we have no control over pages to which our site is linked. Christian County Library assumes no responsibility for use of these links. As with all life activities, parents are reminded to be aware of and supervise their children's use of internet websites. Users of the Library's public-access internet computers must comply with both the Acceptable Use Policy adopted by the Board of Trustees of Christian County Library and displayed by each computer and the Service Policies of MoreNet, through whom the library has its internet connection. The Children's Internet Protection Act requires internet filtering within public libraries. However, filters often prevent use of legitimate and useful sites, allow through questionable sites and choose between prohibiting and allowing entire groups of sites which may be a mixture of the two.

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Each request is reviewed by multiple staff members. Response time is dependent on staff schedules, the scope and availability of materials, and the number of prior submissions. Posted requests, as required by Missouri Administrative Rule 15 CSR 30-200.015 have been modified removing identifying information under RSMO 182.817.  To review the Materials Selection Policy, click here