Saturday, May 28, 2-4 p.m.   •    Ozark community branch   •   Sign-in begins at 1 p.m.

Hatch a plan to build the best vessel.

Keep the egg off your face—and off the concrete—with a protective vessel of your own design able to withstand a 15-foot drop. Take chances, get creative and don’t worry about breaking a few eggs along the way.

    How do you like your eggs?

    Keep in mind while you build:

    • All vessels will be weighed prior to their drop. Keep it feather-light! In the event of a tie, the vessel that weighs the least (prior to the addition of the egg) will win.
    • Participants and judges must be able to easily insert and remove the provided egg from the vessel.
    • Your vessel must be in free fall during the drop. Avoid using motorized parts, tethers, bungees, parachutes, etc.
    • Secure your egg any way you like, but leave packing peanuts, bubble wrap or any synthetic shock-absorbing materials at home.
    • Vessels cannot contain any hazardous material, such as glass, that could cause harm to the audience or judges.
    • Each vessel must have a well-anchored loop on the top so it can be suspended and dropped.

    Surviving the fall is just the beginning. 

    The most egg-straordinary entries from each category will win a trophy and a $50 Amazon gift card. 


    Ages 8+

    Team or Family

    All ages

    Most Innovative

    Awarded to the vessel that uses the most unusual materials in unique ways

    Most Seaworthy

    Awarded to the most artistic contraption using the Summer Reading Challenge theme “Oceans of Possibilities”

    Ready to get cracking?

    Registration begins Monday, May 2

    Register below or click here to download the application and rules.

    Still have questions?  Contact your nearest community branch.

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