Missouri Bicentennial

Here in Missouri, we live in an area rich with people, places and events that affected the history of the state, and also the country. Even the origin of Missouri’s name is storied. Originally misunderstood to mean “muddy water,” it is actually the name of the Native American tribe living at the mouth of the Missouri River.

When celebrating 200 years of a state and its many generations, there is so much history to dig into. Beginning with the indigenous people who inhabited the area since 9000 BCE, to the discovery of the Missouri River by European explorers Marquette and Jolie in 1673 and the Corps of Discovery Expedition led by Lewis and Clark in 1803. Whichever starting point of Missouri history you are most fascinated with, the library is here to help.


200 Years of Missouri
Learn Missouri’s history with collections of images, retellings and documentation of culture.
Missouri Authors and Stories
Stories that take place in Missouri or were written by local authors.


Part of contextualizing the history of Missouri is delving into local stories and customs. In our case, the Ozarks. The Anderson History Room at the Ozark Community Branch is just the place for learning about local history, with resources that can be used in-library:

  • Books on the Ozarks
    Local history, culture and geography. Many of these titles are no longer in circulation and only found in our collection
  • Microfilm Collection
    Archived local newspapers and court and census documents, all of which can be viewed on-screen and printed.

It could be exciting to find out your great grandparents played a part in Missouri’s history. With these resources, trace back family trees and learn where you fit into the story.

More than 200 billion images in 7,000 unique databases, including census records, vital records, immigration records, family histories, military records and more.
America’s Genealogy Bank
Search for ancestors in 300 years of newspapers, books, pamphlets and government reports.


Missouri 2021
The mission of Missouri 2021 is to promote a better understanding of Missouri and its regions, communities and people, both past and present.
Missouri Digital Heritage
An archive of over 9 million historical Missouri records. Dive in!
Missouri Secretary of State Library Reference Services
A guide to all things Missouri, including things you can go see and do in the state.

Missouri is a state full of authors, inventors, entertainers, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, athletes, musicians, scientists and a few outlaws sprinkled in. The bicentennial is a time to look back on the people who came before us, the places that were significant to their time and the events that shaped this place we call home. In doing this, we have the advantage of learning from the past to enrich the lives of ourselves and future generations.