Booklists About Topics of Inclusion, Accessibility, Race, and Racism

We would like to share a recent library materials request we’ve received:
Hi, I have a five-year-old white son and I would like to begin reading to him books that speak about race and/or center on characters that do not look like him. Is there any way someone could help me find some books for him? Thank you for the help.

Yes, we can!

The Christian County Library acknowledges that there is a call for change in our nation’s community and we stand in solidarity for that cause. Historically, libraries have been places that celebrate the inclusion of every voice and the equity of access to resources.

Listening and engaging in dialogue about building a community that provides equal opportunity takes patience and empathy. One way to accomplish this is by reading books about difficult topics that confront our own self-serving beliefs. Our library staff has complied several age-appropriate booklists that do just that. We hope these are the beginnings that spark conversation.

These lists will continually be updated with new materials. If we missed any let us know!

For Children/Tweens/Teens:

Celebrating Racial Diversity (Picture Books)
Celebrating Racial Diversity (Chapter Books)
Celebrating Racial Diversity (Young Adult)

For Adults:

Readings on Race and Racism
Race: Historically Political
Black History on Film
Appreciating Inclusivity