Sparta Community Branch Construction Timeline

Work has begun on your new branch locations! The tentative timeline for the Sparta Community Branch is to begin construction in mid-June 2020 and continue through March 2021. Start and end dates are subject to potential delays including weather. Below are the major construction milestones for your new library. Make sure to check back for new updates and to follow along with the construction progress.

☑ Construction Bid Process

Branch designs are created, Board of Trustees approves branch design plans, local contractors place bids for the construction of library branches, Board of Trustees read the bids during an open meeting, Board members vote to award bid, library applies for building permits.

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☑ Site Preparation & Excavation Work

Drop off and set-up construction equipment and materials, prepare the site by clearing shrubbery and rocks, surveying for the building’s location, locate utility hookups, erosion control, excavating the ground and setting the grade of the building’s foundation.

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☑ Foundation Work

Dig utility lines, mark and form pier footing and stem walls, set foundation forms, install reinforcing steel, place and grade gravel, pour the foundation, pour concrete slab, cure, seal, and saw cut concrete.

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☑ Building Structure Work

Structural steel delivery and fabrication, place structural supports, set metal studs and rough framing, install roof system, set windows and doors, install initial plumbing and electrical work.

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☑ Building Dry-in Work

Add and place exterior installation, hang metal siding, storm-proof windows, doors, and storefront.

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☑ Finish Work

Hang drywall, finish carpentry, install ceiling tile grid, add flooring, finish plumbing and electrical line, install electrical fixtures, run internet lines, place security systems, install fire suppression and HVAC system, and paint interior walls.

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☑ Site Improvement

Pour road and parking lot curb, asphalt paving of Library Lane and parking lot, stripe parking lines, finish exterior grading, install draining swale for stormwater, plant grass and landscape.

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☑ Furnish Building and Final Inspection

Delivery of furniture, build and install bookshelves, counters, tables and chairs, delivery of books and other library materials, prep and place library materials, set-up computer terminals, add decorations, complete final inspection for certificate of occupancy.

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