Rocking with the Christian County Library

It’s music to our ears. Beginning Thursday, April 1, 2021, use your Christian County Library card to check out musical instruments! We’ve partnered with the Finley River Community Foundation to add six ukuleles, two electric piano keyboards and one Cajón (a Peruvian box drum) to the collection.

Adding instruments might sound odd, but it’s in tune with the library’s mission. Studies have shown that musical education improves and sharpens areas of the brain responsible for language learning, reading and reasoning skills. Playing an instrument has also been shown to reduce stress, improve thinking and academic performance in all ages.

Have we struck a chord?

Each instrument is part of a musical kit designed to maximize the experience. Kits include instructional booklets, tuners and protective carrying cases. Instruments can be checked out for four weeks to community members over the age of 18 with a valid library card. Visit the Ozark Community Branch to pluck a musical kit or use the online library catalog and search for ukulele or keyboard or cajon to place a hold for pick up at any Community Branch location.

Ready to jam, but want just a little help?

If you prefer learning a new instrument with others, join certified ukulele instructor and award-winning Uke 66 musician Karen Maxson for a four-part Novice Ukulele Lesson series on Zoom. Each Thursday, starting on April 22 through May 13, at 6 p.m. meet virtually with Karen to learn the fundamentals including chords and strumming patterns. Space is limited, so make sure to register early online or call (417) 569-6514 for assistance.

To ensure that those who sign up for the class have an instrument, all ukulele kits are currently reserved for participants. On Thursday, April 22 all ukuleles will be available for anybody to place on hold and checkout.

It’s time to rock!

We all know that the Christian County Library is more than books. We are also a library of things and experiences. So, if you have ever wanted to strum a tune on a ukulele, or required an electric piano keyboard for your next composition, or felt the need to casually say to friends, “I’ve learned how to play the Cajón,” make sure to visit the Christian County Library. And if anybody starts a band and becomes famous, make sure to add the library to the tour schedule!

Musical Instrument Kits 


Beginner Ukulele Lesson Book
•Protective Carrying Case




Electric Piano Keyboard
Beginner Piano Lesson Book
•Protective Carrying Case





Cajón Drum
•Protective Carrying Case