PAWS for Reading

They say a dog can teach us a lot of things – and the kiddos who’ve attended PAWS for Reading events would agree.

Each month furry reading companions are brought into the library to meet with our smallest reluctant readers, providing a stress-free environment for them to practice reading skills.  There’s no need to maintain a specific speed or get all the words rightit’s all about enjoying the experience with these sweet therapy dogs.


When reading alone, children may skip words or lines they do not know. Reading aloud to dogs slows down the process, allowing them to focus on every word without feeling rushed. Other benefits include:

1. Boosting Confidence: Reading to dogs is a non-judgmental and supportive environment, helping shy or hesitant readers gain confidence in their abilities.

2. Encourages a Love for Reading: The presence of a furry friend is less intimidating which fosters a positive association with reading that can last a lifetime.

3. Enhances Focus and Concentration: Reading out loud requires sustained attention, improving focus and concentration skills, which can positively impact their grades and brain development.

Each dog that attends receives specialized training and is a registered therapy dog, having completed both their therapy pet certificate and their good canine citizenship test. These paw-sitive pups will patiently curl up next to your child and offer their undivided attention because, even though they’re working, they still LOVE the affection!

So, we invite parents to join in or simply watch the reading sessions, together. And while there haven’t been any studies about whether dogs enjoy hearing stories—we think they do!