New Way to Renew Items and Automated Hold Notification Process FAQ

We are rolling out a new way to renew checked-out items and automate the hold notification process. It is always exciting to receive that call or email about a library hold being ready to pick up. We may be a bit biased, but those are our favorite. To become more efficient, the hold notification process has been automated and library materials are now renewable over the phone any time of the day.

To aid with these new processes, please review the following frequently asked questions. If there is something we missed or for more information about renewing items and hold notification, stop by or call a nearby community library branch.

Will my automated notice come as a call or an email?
The system defaults to sending an email notification if there is an email associated with your account.

I was receiving notification calls before. Will I still receive calls?
Yes, if there is not an email associated with your account. If you do have an email associated with your account but would rather receive an automated phone call, just stop by or call any community branch to update your preferred notification method.

When I receive phone notifications will they come from the library?
Yes, but not from the main library phone number. Since the process is automated, the call will come from a phone number that is not familiar to you. Instead, the calls with be from one of three numbers: 417-882-2096, 417-888-0987, or 417-888-5019

How will these numbers appear on my caller ID?
When you receive a call from one of these numbers, it is likely that the caller ID will display as “Public Libraries S.”

What if I miss the phone call?
No problem. All automated phone calls will leave a message if you have voicemail set up.

What email address will be used?
Email notifications will sent from

If I have questions, can I reply to the email?
Unfortunately not. Please do not reply to that email address. If you have questions or comments, email us at Ask a Librarian or call a community library branch.

My email notifications are not showing up. What should I do?
Start by checking your “spam” or “junk” folders. We encourage you to add to your contacts so that notices always show up in your inbox.

What about renewing items? Is that automated too?
Yes. Library materials, so long as they’re not new and there’s not a hold on them, will renew automatically two days before their due date. If you want to see if an item has been automatically renewed, you can check on your profile or call 417-882-2087.

How do I renew items over the phone manually?
Any time of the day call 417-882-2087 and follow the renewal prompt.

Can I check my account status over the phone?
Yes. Call 417-882-2087 and enter your library card number to hear a list of currently checked out and overdue items.