The Seed Library Returns

The library’s collection is growing! Well, actually you will be in charge of the growing and the library will help.

Starting Monday, March 2 through Monday, June 1 the Christian County Library is not only the place to check out books, audiobooks, and DVDs but now seeds! A seed library is an opportunity for gardeners, of all skills, to obtain free seeds to plant, grow, and harvest at home. Using a library card, patrons can check out up to five different seed packets at any of the three branch locations. This year there are 181 different varieties of vegetables, flowers, and herbs available.

Why start a garden? Studies have found evidence that gardening is great for personal health and wellness. From burning calories, building self-esteem, reducing stress, to improving hand strength are all benefits from sticking those hands into the dirt. There is even a study that a specific soil bacterium, when inhaled, may alleviate depression, reduce anxiety, and increase serotonin levels. Who said playing in the dirt was bad?

Other benefits of a home garden include saving money. Selecting seeds of vegetables, flowers, and herbs that are known to be expensive and planting at home could save you money at the grocery immediately. Canning, freezing, dehydrating, or pickling extra vegetables will pay off long after the growing season has ended.

Worried about the lack of a green thumb? The library can help! Pick up one of the many gardening how-to books, e-books, and DVDs in the collection. Or attend one of the various gardening programs offered by the Christian County Master Gardeners for sage advice on keeping your flowers and vegetables healthy.

The seed library is another way the library strives to provide services and resources to help residents learn and grow. For a new tasty and healthy hobby, stop by your local library branch today for packets of seeds and don’t forget to check out the events calendar of events for upcoming gardening programming. Remember that this growing season the library is rooting for you!