Support Your Library

The Christian County Library welcomes and encourages gifts and donations to support its current operations and future development. The library accepts gifts of money, property, print and non-print materials, and bequests which are consistent with the library’s mission statement.

In addition to gifts made directly to Christian County Library, gifts are accepted by the Christian County Library Foundation, Friends of the Christian County Library, and Friends of the Clever Public Library. The donor will determine to which of these three organizations the donation is being given. The primary function of these support organizations is to provide financial support to Christian County Library. The Christian County Library Foundation receives monetary gifts, bequests, endowment funds and other gifts, and conducts fundraising campaigns to support library projects. The two Friends of the Library groups conduct book sales and other activities to raise funds and support the library.

General Guidelines:

  • Christian County Library welcomes gifts that further the library’s services, goals, objectives and priorities.
  • Christian County Library encourages donors to give bequests, financial investments, beneficial interest in trust and other sustaining gifts directly to the Christian County Library Foundation.
  • Christian County Library will consider non-monetary gifts such as artwork, antiques, collectibles or other personal property in light of the gift’s relevance to Christian County Library’s needs and objectives, the space required to house or store the gift and the cost to maintain or preserve the gift. All accepted gifts become the property of the Christian County Library, to be used or disposed of in accordance with the library’s changing needs.
  • A gift or gifts will be accepted to supplement public support and improve or enhance services offered by Christian County Library.
  • As the recipient of a gift, the Christian County Library will not assign a monetary value to that gift. Appraisals on non-monetary donations will be done at the donor’s expense.
  • The Christian County Library Director will review gifts of personal property and may recognize the donor with a gift plate on or near the item donated depending on the size and nature of the gift.

Books and Non-Print Material Guidelines:

  • Christian County Library welcomes gifts of books and non-print materials (DVDs, CDs, VHS tapes, cassette tapes, vinyl LPs in good condition, puzzles, etc.)
  • The FOL cannot accept textbooks, encyclopedia sets, weekly magazines, or items in poor condition.
  • Due to space constraints, only 6 boxes can be donated at one time.
  • The Director of the Christian County Library can further limit the number of donations if needed.
  • Due to space constraints the FOL may postpone accepting donations the week before, during, and shortly after the spring and fall book sales. The library will post signs indicating when donations cannot be accepted for each sale.
  • Books and similar gifts are accepted with the understanding that if the Christian County Library is unable to use the materials in the collection, they will be donated to either Friends of the Library group for inclusion in book sales, the proceeds of which benefit the library. Unused donations cannot be returned to the donor.
  • Christian County Library may add donated materials to the collection provided they meet the same selection criteria required of purchased materials. Donated materials may be withdrawn in the same manner as purchased materials. Christian County Library does not accept responsibility for notifying donors of withdrawal or replacement of donated items.