Winter Reading Challenge 2021: What Can You Do With 10 Hours?

January has 31 days, each 24 hours long, totaling 744 hours or 44,640 minutes. That is a lot of time. Throughout this month, we are challenging all patrons to each spend 10 hours reading or listening to audiobooks.

Love reading and challenges? We hope you’re sold. But, if the enjoyment and gratification of logging time spent during leisure reading is not enticing enough, we also have prizes.

Patrons that read and log at least one hour each week will be automatically entered into weekly drawings for $25 Amazon gift cards. Every hour read during the week is an additional entry. A winner will be drawn every Friday.

Need more of an incentive? We understand. That’s why we have added prize packs! Every hour read and logged equals one digital ticket (up to ten tickets) to be used towards one of the several themed prize packs such as The Mandalorian, Among Us Swag, Air Fryer and Cookbook, Bullet Journal with Supplies, and Family Game Night. Increase your chances of winning by submitting more digital tickets. Winners will be drawn on February 1.

Excited about those prizes? We thought so. To be eligible for the weekly drawings and prize packs, all reading activity, including listening to audiobooks, must be logged in the Beanstack website or by accessing the app on a smartphone or tablet. To create a Beanstack account visit

Ready to participate but not sure where to start? The library is here to help. We have book displays in each library branch and online resources available any time of day. NoveList PlusSelect ReadsNew Books Alert, and the TumbleBook Library are great resources to find that next favorite book. These databases and more can be found by visiting

The big question is, what can you do with 10 hours? You could take a drive to New Orleans, Louisiana or Columbus, Ohio, or Minneapolis, Minnesota. You could watch all four Twilight movies, or the first four Harry Potter movies, or almost all three Lord of the Rings movies. Or you could take those 600 minutes and win some prizes.