Reading One Thousand THOUSAND Minutes Together!

A million minutes is a huge amount of time! How big? Another way of putting it is a thousand THOUSAND minutes of reading. But how, you ask, could anyone ever read that much? Together. We can—as a community. So, this January 3 – 31, we challenge everyone (and ourselves) to reach that goal.

You may be saying, “Hey! What’s in it for me?” Well, let’s talk prizes!

Logging at least one hour a week, you’ll automatically be entered into weekly drawings for $25 Amazon gift cards. And every additional hour read is another entry. Make sure to log weekly, because we’ll draw for a winner every Friday.

Now you might be saying, “Gift cards?! Ppppfff! That’s what my grandma gets me every year! What else ya got?”
Okay, okay, fair. How about some really good stuff.

This year, we’ve got prize packs you can’t ignore. Minecraft Lego building kits, adventure board games, and, for adults, an air fryer with cookbook. Every hour logged also equals one digital ticket to be used toward one of these prize packs (ten tickets max). The more tickets submitted, the more you increase your chances of winning! We’ll draw for winners on February 1.

We know these prizes are exciting, but let’s take a step back. To make sure you’re eligible for weekly drawings, you’ve got to log your minutes, and to do that, they need to be added to Beanstack (either the website or app). To create a Beanstack account, visit

“What do I read? Where do I find it? How do I start?” you’re probably asking right now. No worries there—the library’s got you covered! We’ve got themed book displays and online resources such as NoveList Plus, Select Reads, Books Alert and the Tumblebook Library to help find your next read, all available at And don’t forget about our Quick Picks recommendations and (as a last resort) come in and talk to us!

Speaking of recommendations, this year Lerner Publishing is providing everyone that participates access to free eBooks. All you need to do is find them in the Beanstack app or website. No holds, wait times or borrowing limits. Select “Log Reading and Activities” and then “complete an Activity” to find these free eBooks for all ages.

So, how ’bout it—will you take on the challenge and help us, as a community, reach the the huge number of a thousand THOUSAND minutes read? As you start piling on minutes, we’d love to see what you’re reading and how you’re keeping yourself motivated. Send your pictures and videos our way via our Facebook or Instagram and use the hashtags #ReadforaBetterWorld #WinterRead2022